Quick Post: The Search for David Dewhurst…

You might be looking at the title and freaking out, “What?!?! The Lieutenant Governor is missing!!!???” No, he’s not and thank god for that ☺ This is gonna be a quick post today because I haven’t posted in awhile (trying to complete your Master’s Thesis and start a blog is not easy), and I promise the rest of the Governor Perry for president parts will soon be posted also! However, for now I wanted to post this video for you guys to see!

This video was posted on David Dewhurst’s US Senate channel on YouTube, and this it’s where I first saw it. It is a wonderful, although short, account of David Dewhurst Jr., our great Lt. Governor’s father! In watching this video you see the man that brought our Lt. Governor into this world, you’ll learn what kind of a man he was. David Dewhurst Jr. was a brave man, who flew 85 missions during World War II and LED the last D-Day bombing on Normandy’s Utah Beach!
There is no doubt that David Dewhurst Jr. is looking down on his son, our Lt. Governor, everyday and so proud of him as he fights a battle of a different kind, the battle to save our country! It is also no doubt that he is looking down on his son and beaming with pride as he sees that his son has made Texas the best place in our great country to live, work, and raise a family! David Dewhurst, the younger, has and is continuing to make Texas a better place, not just in America but also around the world!
Please watch the story of David Dewhurst as his two sons David (our Lt. Governor) and Gene, who unfortunately never knew their brave father, take a journey to find out more on just who their father was. Enjoy! And may God continue to bless America and all our brave men and women in uniform, past, present, and future!

Also, don’t forget to check out how David Dewhurst’s son, our Lt. Governor, has made Texas a better place by reading the blog post just before this one 🙂

Be sure to support, and vote, for the tall fella! Dewhurst for Lt. Governor in 2014!

Be sure to support, and vote, for the tall fella! Dewhurst for Lt. Governor in 2014!

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What Does the Lieutenant Governor of Texas Do? The Case for Dewhurst 2014!

Texas is different. It stands out, in more ways than one, on how we do things, how we act, how our state government is run, and the list goes on. One of the things that is different from us than any of the other states is the duties and responsibilities of our Lieutenant Governor. The sad reality is, not a lot of people really know how important this office is; it is vital that we have the right person as Lt. Governor because of the vast power this office holds.


My How Things Change

Texas has not been this Republican powerhouse that we see today. Texas began to transition into Republican dominance as recently as the early 2000s! Texas did not have a Republican as governor for over 100 years, and we had a Democrat as Lt. Governor from 1873 until 1999 when, now Governor, Rick Perry was sworn in. The current Lt. Governor is David Dewhurst who was elected in 2003… notice how things began to dramatically get better and better in Texas ever since then? I hope you do, because it has! This is not by chance that all the success we see today, there is a lot of work put in by David Dewhurst while he’s been Lt. Governor. There are many things that have happened, that would not have happened without him; proof lies in the power that the Lt. Governor of Texas holds.

Where Did All This Power Come From?

Critics, who are trying to win elections, my try to say Dewhurst grabbed all this power during his tenure!!… not so fast. That is not true, it never could be true. The power of the Lt. Governor dates back loooooong before David Dewhurst was born.

History lesson time!

I trust we all know what happened during the Civil War. We know Texas was part of the Confederacy, and we know that that side lost the war. Due to the Confederacy losing the war, the United States decided that it was time to get those states in check! Due to the Second Reconstruction Act, Confederacy supporters lost their right to vote and lost the right to hold office. When the new Republicans came into power, especially the Governor, they began to expand the role of government (a sin to the majority of Texans, even then). Taxation increased (property taxes, sales taxes, etc.), spending on railroads and infrastructure, and public school, all of these were things that Texans hated but could do nothing about because the Democrats were out of power and held out of power until 1872 the Democrats took back the Legislature, the Lt. Governor in 1873 and Governor in 1974.

There are many places you could read up on all of this in detail but the point is to show that Texans, upset by the expansion of the state government from the Governor’s office, called for a state constitutional convention were a new constitution was written. This constitution was written in specific detail, to make sure that the tyranny they experienced did not happen again, and for that reason our state constitution is one of the longest of all the states! It was here, that the office of the governor was striped of great power and why it has lead to a very powerful (even more powerful than all other states, that have one) Lt. Governor.

What Does the Lieutenant Governor of Texas Do?

It is probably due to the fact that the Lt. Governor is often referred to as the “second-highest” executive office in Texas, that people get confused if they hear that it is more powerful than the governor. It also could be that many see the Lt. Governor as the vice president of the state and the governor as the president, and we all know the president is an extremely powerful office and much more so than the vice president. In actuality, the Lt. Governor is not like the vice president of the United State other then the fact that they both are presiding officers of the senate. In reality, the Lt. Governor is has more power in the state than the vice president has in the US.

Interesting fact: the Lt. Governor is both an officer of the executive and the legislative branch of our state government!

When it comes to his legislative duties one of which he has great power as he assigns the committee chairs. This is very important, as the committee chairs are also vital in the decision-making process of what bills should come to the floor. Now, I say should because here is were the Lt. Governor comes in again, as he decides which bills come to the floor and decides how the debate on all the bills should be run… sounds a lot like the Speaker of the House doesn’t it? While it is not formally stated that the Lt. Governor has duties just as the Speaker of the House, it is true that many find it to be inaccurate to label the Lt. Governor as the “vice president of the state,” I personally have always seen his duties to be more like the “Speaker” of the state Senate.

His executive powers are also very substantial! Not only does he take over if the governor has to be out of state (an example of the great leadership you’d see from Dewhurst when this happened, in the previous blog), he would also become governor if the current governor is impeach, resigns, or dies while in office. The main executive power that pretty much no one knows, or of those who do know try to hide it because they are trying to win a campaign against our current Lt. Governor *cough-cough*, is that he holds considerable power and influence over our state budget!

The Legislative Budget Board

Not a lot of people know this, our budget is written, and balanced by the actions taken from the Legislative Budget Board. The Lt. Governor is Chair of this very important committee. Once the LBB proposes the budget, it goes to the Legislature (in comes the Lt. Governor again to be sure an pass the budget he just proposed). After the budget passes both chambers, it goes to the governor. The governor then, of course, can veto anything he deems necessary.

Many think the whole process belongs to the governor but this is not the case. It is true, however, that the governor sends recommendations (many of which are heard during his State of the State) but the Legislative Budget Board does not have to follow any of them.


Now For My Comments!

Not one person can find anything I have written about the Lt. Governor to be untrue. It’s not because I’m special, it’s because I’ve studies these things and this is in fact how our state government works.

It is because of these facts that show David Dewhurst should be re-elected in 2014! I purposefully put at the end of the LBB segment that there is nothing that says the LBB has to follow the recommendations of the governor, but guess what? Due to David Dewhurst and Rick Perry’s close friendship, but more importantly, because the two men are true conservative leaders, many of Governor Perry’s recommendations became and will continue to become a reality!

Something that was extremely unfortunate during the Texas Senate race, among many, was that there were people that actually said that David Dewhurst was “running for Senate based on Rick Perry’s record.” This is totally false! Why do you think Rick Perry was one of David Dewhurst’s strongest supporters for the Senate race? Was it because:

a)    He and David Dewhurst are, as he said here (it is at the beginning): personal and professional friends? Not really, although I wouldn’t be surprised if that were a factor.

b)   Did he hate Ted Cruz, or Tom Leppert, or Craig James, etc.? No

c)    Was it because, being that he WAS Lt. Governor at one time, he knows damn well that it is a very powerful job that has a huge impact on Texans and our future, and that through David Dewhurst’s hard work in this very powerful position that it PROVED he was the man that was key in ushering in the Texas Miracle and therefore was the conservative leader that DC could use? *ding-ding, WE HAVE A WINNER!

Rick Perry is an honorable man, he’s an honest man, and he knew that he would be denying Texas’s great success over the last decade and he’d be damning himself in the process, if he did not support David Dewhurst in that or any other race. It will be no surprise when he supports him again this time!

Trying to take away credit where credit is most certainly due is one of the most horrible things that could happen. Unfortunately that’s exactly what his opponents in the Texas Senate race in 2012, with Cruz being the worst offender of this (sorry guys, but this is a reality), tried to do. It was wrong, and it still is. However, it can be made right! Please, support David Dewhurst early and often for Lt. Governor in 2014! Texas can remain a beacon of conservatism, limited government, balanced budgets, surpluses big enough to give taxpayers some of their money back, prosperity can continue, taxes can remain lower, and the Texas Miracle can continue! President Obama certainly could not tell David Dewhurst that he “didn’t build that.”

Be sure to support, and vote, for the tall fella! Dewhurst for Lt. Governor in 2014!

Be sure to support, and vote, for the tall fella! Dewhurst for Lt. Governor in 2014!

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2013 State of the State: Rick Perry 2016? Part I

“The state of our State is stronger than ever!”

Texas State Capitol

If you notice, the title has “Part I” in it. Well, that is because I wanted to provide, in great detail, why I believe Governor Perry’s recent 2013 State of the State address shows key examples of why I believe he is going to step up to the plate once again, and run for President of the United States in 2016. I didn’t want the blog to linger on in one post, plus it was a lot to write, and I still have another post that will be up (and it really needs to be up quickly). So, it’s natural to make it in at least two parts.

First off, I am all for him running again, because I believe he has what it takes to bring REAL change to Washington DC. People don’t realize that it’s not America that needs to change, it’s our federal government! Rick Perry is the man that can make it happen. I do want him to run for governor again as well, because as me and my friend Abigail (whose blog you should check out *hint-hint* Enduring Integrity) discussed, he needs to stay in a position where he will have more opportunity to be seen. We feel, as I’m sure others do, that he needs to stay visible and in people’s face.

He is doing GREAT with this, lately! We’ve seen many of his ideas being talked about within huge media circles such as: $10K undergraduate degrees, ads he is putting up (and his visits) to CA to recruit businesses, his proposal to give excess tax money back to the taxpayers, etc. all of these are wonderful ideas and he is getting attention that will, hopefully, stick in the people’s minds as 2016 will approach quickly!

Most people might be outright sick of hearing about 2016 and who might run, but by god if people are gonna talk about it, they should be talking about Governor Perry!

So without further ado, here are the first bits of information within Governor Perry’s State of the State speech that show me that he is going to run, and he’s perfect for the job!


Texas Success

This list would be incomplete without mentioning, as Gov. Perry does, the MANY successes of Texas under his (and Lt. Governor Dewhurst’s) leadership. It’s obvious what they are and is not debatable; as much as liberals try to do. However, it’s more than worth noting:

  • Texas led the nation of out the recession, the nation’s prime destination for employers and job-seekers alike.
  • More than half a million private-sector jobs added over the last two years alone; income for those jobs are at all levels (low to high), short-term to full-term, Texas is creating all kinds of jobs.
  • We’ve made inroads in almost every industry sector, from biotech and computer science, to energy and finance.
  • Even with the massive influx of job-seekers… our unemployment numbers consistently remained below the national average (as of right now, the nation’s UE is 7.8%, while Texas’s UE is 6.1%!).
  • This year alone, we found ourselves with an $8.8 BILLION budget surplus! *huge shout-out for THAT successful outcome, among others, goes to Lt. Gov Dewhurst for his work on the LBB (PLEASE seen the next post)*

With successes like these… how could Americans say no? How they even rejected him the first time was absolutely bananas! However, this next time, you could pretty much guarantee he will be pounding away at these examples, and more, on the Texas Miracle!

“Our bank balance is healthy, our economy is growing, our future is limitless.”

States Follow Texas’s Lead!

  • Florida – 10 year undergraduate degrees
  • Louisiana – do away with their state income tax
  • Michigan – right to work.

By other state’s imitating successes in Texas, Gov. Perry can take those example (along with Tort Reform, which has be copied by many states as well) and claim, rightly so, that he CAN bring Texas solutions to all the United States.

Budget Gimmicks? Nevermore!

Some claim Texas performs “budget gimmicks” to balance the budget… well, there’s one thing that is true and that is DC is the worst offender when it comes to budget gimmicks. While, if we all believe that Texas does it too, at least Texas can actually produced balanced budgets AND surpluses for two years at a time. Washington can’t get a surplus nor lower our national debt with their gimmicks!

So, while Texas isn’t really a terrible offender of “budget gimmicks (I argue that they don’t really do it at all),” Gov. Perry can run on a message in 2016 of “I know the way to get rid of budget gimmicks that Washington DC is notorious for, and I know how to get rid of them for good! And produce positive results!” That would be a wonderful message, and he’d be telling the truth!

What To Do With All This Money?!?!

Giving excess taxpayer money BACK to the people? Score one more for Team Rick Perry! Texas does NOT operate the same way Washington DC does. Not one bit.

The American people have been hurting, and they’ve been hurting for years! How attractive would it be to the American people, to give them THEIR MONEY back when it isn’t spent usefully? Answer: VERY!!

That, again, is a true testament to the leadership of Gov. Perry and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst: Texas has so much money “laying around” that they can give billions back to the taxpayers… while still maintaining a Rainy Day Fund because, hello, the Obama administration really could not care less when Texas faces natural disasters. He proved that by denying Gov. Perry’s request for assistance, and Lt. Gov. Dewhurst TWICE when he was acting governor when Gov. Perry had to be out of state.

Side note, this video  shows true leadership by Lt. Governor Dewhurst, when Gov. Perry had to be away. Texas was and IS in good hands! This video also showed that President Obama TWICE ignored Lt. Governor Dewhurst for assistance (with OUR tax dollars that we send to Washington), yet Obama was just happy to let us burn.

No, We Do NOT Want To Be Responsible For the Disaster Known As Obamacare!

The Affordable Care Act is anything but affordable to states, it raises taxes even though Democrats were adamant in the beginning saying it was “not a tax.” While it is a toss up as to whether or not to set up a state exchange for some, there are those who believe it is right to set up a state-based exchange so as to “create what they (the individual state) will” when it comes to the ACA… but that is a fallacy. In a perfect world, states would get to do what they choose (as they know their state better than DC, something Gov. Perry is consistent about) but they do not get to do that in reality. Therefore, Gov. Perry’s approach makes perfect sense. It is feeling that, “you (the federal government) pushed for, and wanted this, we didn’t… so YOU set it up.” They would never let Texas do what we want anyhow, so it’s useless to set up a state “run” exchange. This also brings a scenario for Gov. Perry in 2016 to say, “see, I told you so” when it fails because believe me, it will fail! When it does, Gov. Perry and the state of Texas’ hands are clean of the mess that it will create!

 Wait… you’re not done, are you?

There is more you must learn!

There is more you must learn!

There are so much more examples to get to, and they are important to bring up! Therefore, Part II will be up as soon as possible! Heck, I should’ve known that it would take a while since his speech was over 30 minutes long 😉

Be sure to watch the video if you have not, and if you have, watch it again! 

Or, feel free to read it here: State of the State – Speech Just be aware that Gov. Perry does like to ad lib here or there, so there’s always more to watch than reading the text by itself!

Stay tuned…

In the meantime, PLEASE check out my next post! It’s a good one (not because of me, but the content)! 🙂

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Quick Post: Something I Should Have Mentioned

It was tough putting this blog together! The inspiration was definitely there, and I knew that I wanted to do anything and everything I possibly could to get some information about Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst as possible!
With all that said, a BIG thank you is deserved to my friend, Abigail! She just recently started to blog also and you should look at her blog too, it’s Enduring Integrity!
She has been there helping me out with all kinds of details when it comes to blogging! She helped me figure out the widgets, how to change the tagline above (the “if it’s ain’t broke…” line), and a whole host of other things!

So I wanted to give a shout out, a thank you once again, and encouragement for anyone reading this to check out her blog as well! She is also on Twitter: twitter.com/thetexasphoenix
She’s super cool, and posts NEAT pictures for the week (in which she’s showing her artistry in drawing, which the first drawing I saw was amazing!), aaannnd… she is a huge supporter of Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst as well! You don’t get much better than that 😉

Hope you’ll check her blog out too!

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The Texas Century


One of the greatest days in Texas History for me was Tuesday, January 18, 2011. This was the day that Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst raised their hands to take the Oath of Office for the third time! Technically, this was Governor Perry’s fourth because he was appointed governor on December 21st, 2000 when George W. Bush became President of the United States.

A great day for Texas! Here's Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst sharing a hug at their third inauguration, in Jan. 2011!

A great day for Texas! Here’s Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Governor David Dewhurst sharing a hug at their third inauguration, in Jan. 2011!

I know I am not alone, but I would love more than anything to see these two men do this again in 2015! Lt. Governor Dewhurst is already on board for re-election, and now (at the time of this blog post) we wait to see if Governor Perry will answer the call once more!

If you haven’t already read the “About” page above, I will have full disclosure and say that this blog is dedicated to that very thing: the re-election of Rick Perry and David Dewhurst as Governor and Lieutenant Governor (respectively) in 2014!

It will be important to note that, the main factor for dedicating an entire blog to this goal is very simple. In recent months, especially over the past year, there have been tremendous amount of details about these two mens’ records that have either been ignored, lied about, or quite simply people just do not know about their records at all. So it’s for that reason that this blog will be used to show the true records of these two leaders of the second largest state in the United States! When I say their true records, I am in no doubt referring to righting the wrongs done to both of these men from opponents of their most recent, and sadly, failed campaign bids for higher office (we all know that would be president for Perry and senate for Dewhurst).

While it is a disappointment that neither of these men are fighting, once again, along side each other to bring a little bit (or more appropriately, a lot) of Texas to Washington DC, we in Texas are fortunate enough to have them remaining in Texas to CONTINUE the fight for limited government, states’ rights, and conservative principles that they started over a decade ago!

Bottom line: both Rick Perry and David Dewhurst are more than the lies that have been fabricated against them in those two campaigns. Much more! That is what I hope to show anyone who takes the time to read my blog, and of course there will be a comment section below that anyone can feel free to write a question, comment or concern, that I will be more than happy to answer! However, in this world we live in today, there are people who make comments that just have no place here or in any civil discourse for that matter! So, undoubtedly since this is a political blog, there might be some comments that just won’t fly and will be deleted J But I do hope that those that read will comment, and that those comments will be productive and not attacks on me, but especially on Gov. Perry or Lt. Gov. Dewhurst, or both! Other than that, I do hope that anyone reading will comment, ask questions, and share my blog with others!

Feel free to follow me on Twitter!! I have a personal one, as well as one for the blog only, and the links are over to the right!

This is one of many of my favorite photos of Lt. Governor Dewhurst! Yep, he's roping in his office... just another day for him!

This is one of many of my favorite photos of Lt. Governor Dewhurst! Yep, he’s roping in his office… just another day for him!

This is just one of many of my favorite photos of our Texas Governor!

This is just one of many of my favorite photos of our Texas Governor!

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